Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass – is also becoming more and more popular in recent years. Though zoysia performs well in the southern two-thirds of the United States each year, nurseries have been working on the development of several strains that will improve the cold hardiness of this grass

Zoysia is recognized to be resistant to drought and heat tolerant as well.  This variety of grass creates a deep root system, which can be as deep as 24 cm, once it matures. The organization of zoysia grass roots provides the grass will stay green and healthy, even during the hot summer days, while thriving while requiring very little water and maintenance. In fact, zoysia has been shown to need 50 – 80% less water than other popular varieties of grass mentioned above. Considering that lawn watering uses a large volume of water, other than doing laundry, growing your lawn this way can save a significant amount on your water bill each month.

Zoysia’s dense and deep root system makes it very difficult if not impossible for foreign invasive species to take root in your lawn. If you had problems with clover and weeds invading the perfect lawn in the past, this can be an effective natural alternative to consider. Pesticides can harm the surroundings, but more using this variety will help keep the lawn looking the way you want, without the cost and time-consuming process as well as chemicals and responsibility of weed control. In addition, Zoysia is very resistant against most diseases and pests that affect other turf grasses.

Depending on where you live, there are varieties that are shade-tolerant zoysia. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the northern half of the United States, as it requires full sun in cooler climate. Slow-growing types of Zoysia grass means you will use less time on the weekend pushing the lawnmower and instead pursue other hobbies. Depending on your climate, it can be anywhere from two to four times less mowing necessary than other varieties ordinary grass.