Empire Zoysia Grass

Empire Zoysia is a cutting edge crop of Zoysia grass with a thin film that forms a very green grass. It is the resistance to drought and the shade of the other varieties that make it popular. This herb also has a fine uniformity, height and can be left uncut as it grows to a height of 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 cm). When left closely packed, it forms a hard surface that is now and then used in hilly eastern landscapes.

Empire Zoysia grass has a fine-looking blue-green color with a blade width of 6mm – 8 mm. Zoysia Empire has a soft eel, but it is also a very strong turf. Zoysia Empire has a very fine fall color retention and green-up spring. Empire Zoysia will grow in sand, sand and clay, clay and dirt with no troubles, and will remain deeply rooted. Empire Zoysia shows excellent wear and usage patterns and can handle a large volume of foot traffic. Empire Zoysia is judged to be highly resistant to insects and disease. A bug to watch out for is the spy cricket, but these insects are not as harmful to the lawn cinch bugs. Empire Zoysia has also been placed in the category of drought-resistant and is permitted by FGBC.

Empire Zoysia grass meets the Florida Green Structure Coalition “Green edifice” standards. This allows manufacturers in Florida in search of “Green Home documentation” to refer to the Empire Zoysia and get a piece to sample.  You must verify that it is a permit for Empire Zoysia.  Zoysia Grass is the only permitted by the FGBC with extensive experience in the state.

So we can try to cultivate this grass from now for our own benefit.